Has Trump Affected Food Stamp Usage?

Under the socialist policies of Barack Obama, millions of Americans moved from middle income to poverty level. With that move, the use of food stamps dramatically increased as many lost jobs, had their hours reduced under Obama’s failed economic and job policies. In reality, this is what happens under a socialist government and that’s exactly what Obama was trying to turn America into, a socialist nation, where a larger percentage of the population become dependent on the government for their basic needs. However, after just 6 months of the Trump presidency, the usage of food stamps has plummeted, indicating that Trump’s economic and job policies are already having a positive influence on the lives of many Americans.

There are a number of metrics that can be used to tout the “Trump Effect” on America, not the least of which has to do with Americans getting back to work.

From the moment that the business-minded Trump was elected, corporate and consumer confidence in the United States skyrocketed.  No longer was the nation to be ruled by some buffoon beholden to special interest groups; instead, an entrepreneurial icon of the nation was heading to Washington D.C. to eviscerate the elite and return prosperity to those Americans who were willing to invest in the nation as a whole.  Companies such as Ford, IBM, and Chrysler all made strides to bring manufacturing, and jobs, back to America now that Trump would be taking the reigns…

During the Obama era, I knew of a number of families that ended up having to rely on food stamps for the first time ever. Some families saw their work hours and income cut by over 25% because of Obamacare employer regulations. Others lost their jobs due to Obamacare regulations and some lost their jobs due to the high unemployment rate that plagued most of Obama’s tenure of Socialist-in-Chief.

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