Teen Electrocuted by Cellphone

For years we’ve been warned about using anything electrical while in the bathtub. Many moves and real-life murders and accidental deaths have happened by dropping a radio, curling iron, electrical fan or other electronic device into the tub while the person is taking a bath. But who thought it could happen by picking up a cellphone that was plugged in charging?

A 14-year-old Texas girl was killed while holding her cellphone in a bathtub.

Madison Coe, a north Texas resident, was electrocuted when she either plugged her phone in or grabbed it while it was already charging, her grandmother told local NBC affiliate KCBD.

“There was a burn mark on her hand, the hand that would have grabbed the phone,” grandmother Donna O’Guinn told KCDB. “And that was just very obvious that that’s what had happened.” …

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It’s a good warning to everyone, young and old that water and electricity are a dangerous combination, even if it’s only a charging cellphone. There are times to unplugging from all forms of communication – phones, computers, tablets, etc. – and one of those times is when you are in the bathtub or shower.




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