Teachers Told Kill or Be Killed

Colorado is a state filled with contradictions. It’s beautiful, rugged, outdoorsy and a prime destination for many hunters, sportsman and fisherman. The state has long courted out-of-state hunters as they pay top dollar to hunt Colorado deer and elk, among other game animals. At one time, not that long ago, the Outdoor Channel based 4 of their popular programs in Colorado.

Then liberal Democrats got control of the state. The passed a series of stricter gun-control and environmental laws. Several firearm and firearm related businesses moved from the state, taking hundreds of jobs with them. The Outdoor Channel pulled the plug on all four of the programs filmed in the state and then blacklisted the state. Many hunters, some of whom I know, refused to go back to Colorado to hunt, fish or even enjoy their great winter skiing locations. Some told me they were not going to spend one penny of their money on a state that intentionally violated the constitutional rights of American citizens.

At least two of the liberal state Democratic leaders were soon voted out of office and a majority of county sheriffs said they refused to enforce unconstitutional anti-Second Amendment laws, but the damage had already begun. A state once known for its beauty is now seen by many sportsmen as a big black ugly mark on the map.

That’s why it surprised me to learn that in such an anti-gun state, a law was passed to allow teachers and faculty members, with the school district’s permission, to be trained, obtain concealed carry permits and be armed while at school.

Most Colorado school districts are also run by Democrats, but fortunately for some of the areas, 20 school districts have taken steps to protect their students and faculty members from possible danger. The memories of what happened at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 are still vividly etched in many Colorado teachers and faculty. That’s the day that 21 students and teachers were shot and killed by two students.

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So, as many Colorado teachers are spending their summer relaxing, working part-time jobs or planning lesson plans for the Fall, a small group went back to school, but not just any school. Seventeen teachers and administrators enrolled in FASTER – Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response, an Ohio-based training group.

During their training, instructor Chris Wallace, a 41-year law enforcement veteran told the teachers and administrators:

“You will be killed if you do not fight.”

“Adult males will be tortured and killed. Females will be raped and killed. There will be no mercy involved in these situations. There is no talking yourself out of these situations.”

Those taking the class already have concealed carry permits and each received a scholarship to help pay for the course. After their training, not only will they learn how to shoot accurately, but they will learn the best ways to stop an active shooter at their schools.

Since Ohio passed a similar law 5-years ago, FASTER has trained close to 900 teachers and school administrators, and it’s not just ordinary teachers. They have trained librarians, coaches, superintendents and secretaries; men and women who see the need to protect themselves and their students.

The more teachers, administrators, librarians, secretaries, coaches and other school staff are trained, the less likely any deranged whacko will try to target their school. Note that the vast majority of school and other mass shootings have taken place in gun-free zones, not at schools with armed faculty or gun-friendly businesses. After all, if presidents and government dignitaries send their kids to schools that have armed guards, then shouldn’t every parent also have the same right?

As Wallace told those in the FASTER class, it’s basically kill or be killed. If you are not armed and do nothing, you can or will be killed, along with many others. If you are armed and trained, you stand a much greater chance of surviving and saving the lives of your students and fellow faculty members.

If your school doesn’t allow teachers and faculty to be trained and armed, then isn’t it about time you push them and your state legislators to see that it happens? Your kids are precious and deserve the right to be better protected.


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