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In 2015, Barack Obama and then Secretary of State John Kerry brokered a nuclear deal with Iran that everyone warned them against doing. Not only were the majority of Americans against the deal but so were some our international allies, especially Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the terms of the deal only brought Iran closer to having nuclear weapons with which Iran vowed to use to destroy the Jewish nation. According the following report, Obama has made Israel’s fears more of a reality:

“Unsatisfied with stoking the fiery cauldrons of Islamic fundamentalism with his weak-kneed response during his eight-year tenure, Barack Obama has now enabled Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to speed ever-closer toward successful attainment of nuclear weapons, approving a secret delivery of roughly 130 tons of uranium for the fundamentalist Iranian regime.”

Yep! That’s right. Obama has agreed to send enough uranium to Iran to allow them to build 10 nuclear weapons.

Iran is still a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel is supposed to be one of our closest allies, yet Obama again aided an enemy at possibly the cost of an important ally and ourselves. Obama committed another act of treason by brokering this deal with an enemy of the US before he left office.

According to the terms of the Iran Nuclear Review Act of 2015, every 90 days the US government is required to verify that Iran is living up to their terms of the nuclear deal. The last certification took place in April and much to the ire of President Trump, Iran was certified as living up to the nuclear deal. The next certification is due today, July 17 and if some senators have their way, there will be no certification.

According to the Center for Security Policy:

“Senators Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), Ted Cruz (R., Texas), David Perdue (R., Ga.), and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) made it clear in a July 11 letter to Secretary Tillerson that they do not want this to happen again and cited four ways Iran is not complying with the nuclear agreement:”

“One. Operating more advanced uranium-enrichment centrifuges than is permitted and announcing the capability to initiate mass production of centrifuges. (Although I agree with this concern, the U.S. should not have agreed to let Iran enrich any uranium while the JCPOA is in effect, never mind enrich it with advanced centrifuges. This is one of the JCPOA’s most serious flaws.)”

“Two. Exceeding limits on production and storage of heavy water, a substance needed to operate plutonium-producing heavy-water nuclear reactors. (Again, I agree, but the U.S. should not have agreed to a pact that allows Iran to produce heavy water or operate a heavy-water reactor.)”

“Three. Covertly procuring nuclear and missile technology outside of JCPOA-approved channels. There’s direct evidence of this, from German intelligence reports.”

“Four. Refusing to allow IAEA inspectors access to nuclear-research and military facilities.”

Most everyone told Obama and Kerry that Iran would never live up to the nuclear deal, yet against all advice, they went through with it anyway. Obama had a habit of aiding his Muslim friends abroad, like he helped the Islamic terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, to take control of Egypt and begin a genocidal assault on the nation’s Christian population. In brokering the deal, Obama freed up billions of dollars in frozen assets and opened up avenues for trade. Iran was hurting from all of the sanctions placed upon it, but Obama and Kerry offered them relief instead of tightening the pressure on the rogue and dangerous nation.

Both Barack Obama and John Kerry should both be charged and tried with treason against the United States by aiding a sworn enemy.




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