Supreme Court Upholds and Rejects Hawaiian Judges Travel Ban Change

Have you noticed how much the liberal mainstream media and Democrats have been vilifying President Donald Trump for wanting to protect them and the rest of America from the threat of Islamic terrorists? These terrorists have been long promising to bring their jihad – holy war- to American soil. They hid among refugees and immigrants to gain entrance into European countries where they carried out their bloody and senseless attacks and all Trump has been trying to do is to reduce the chances of the same thing happening here. Yet, liberals, like the judge in Hawaii continue to block Trump’s efforts to protect us, demonstrating that these liberal care more about foreigners than they do the American people. The Supreme Court ruled on the latest attempt to block Trump’s travel ban. They upheld part of the Hawaiian judge’s ruling and blocked other parts.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday denied the government’s request for clarification on who is allowed into the country after the court reinstated part of President Trump’s travel ban last month, keeping an exemption for extended family members in place.

The court, however, temporarily blocked the part of the Hawaii district court order that extended the exemption to refugees who have assurance from a U.S.-based refugee resettlement agency for placement in the U.S.

The court said that part of the order is on hold until the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on the district court order clarifying who is exempt from the travel ban…

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Judges like the one in Hawaii who use their position on the bench to promote their liberal political agenda instead of ruling on actual law, should be removed from the bench and possible face charges of obstructing the pursuit of national security. Instead of wearing a robe of distinction, this judge should be wearing prison issue orange or stripes.




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