State’s Don’t Want Foster Parents to Protect Their Foster Kids

I’ve known social workers who have told me that there is a great shortage of foster parents throughout the nation. They have more kids in the system than willing adults who are qualified to take them into their homes. Former neighbors of ours were foster parents and they would have done anything to protect the kids placed in their care. However, some states are stripping foster parents of the ability to protect their foster kids. If an intruder breaks into a home or forces their way in, shouldn’t the foster parent have the right to own a gun with which to protect their foster kid(s)? Not according to liberals in states like Michigan, where foster parents or want-to-be foster parents are being forced to give up their guns if they want to have foster kids in their homes.

America needs more foster parents. Across America there is an extreme shortage of people willing to foster, and every state needs more willing and capable parents to help.

So then why are some states persecuting their possible foster parent population?

For example, in Michigan the government is LITERALLY stripping people of their Constitutional RIGHTS if they want to foster in their state. The judge in one case that is drawing particular attention even admitted, “We know we are violating numerous constitutional rights here, but if you do not comply, we will remove the boy from your home.”

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This is no joke, folks…

What’s worse is when a liberal judge, admits that forcing a foster parent to give up his/her guns in order to foster kids is unconstitutional, but then tells a foster parent that they still have to get rid of their guns to foster a child. It proves that liberals don’t care about the welfare of the American people nor do they care about the welfare of kids who so desperately need a safe and happy home to live in. And yet Democrats still tell everyone that they are the party of the people. NOT!




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