Starnes Asks What Kind of Nation Would Kill Baby in Mom’s Arms?

The British parents of 11-month-old Charlie Gard have raised money to take their son to a hospital in America that says there may be hope of saving the infants life. However, British courts are trying to kill the baby boy before the parents have a chance to try to save his life. The court has even ruled that doctors can take the infant off of life support AGAINST the parents’ wishes. Fox News’ Todd Starnes asks what kind of nation would allow an infant to be killed while in the loving arms of his parents who want to try to save him?

Charlie Gard is eleven months old. He has a rare brain disease.

There is a chance that his life could be saved — at a hospital in America — a hospital that could provide an experimental treatment.

Charlie’s mom and dad raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the journey.

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But the British courts said no — a judge ruled that doctors could take the little boy off life support without parental consent. The doctors say the there is no hope – Charlie cannot breath on his own – and he has brain damage. And they say the boy’s parents have no right to determine his fate…

Similar things have happened here in America, especially when doctors disagree amongst themselves or when parents seek a second opinion. This is part of a national socialist healthcare system where the government assumes and overrides parental authority and wishes. Parents here in America and in Great Britain are steadily losing their legal authority and control of their own children as governments and courts believe they know more than parents do.




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