Seattle’s Liberals Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Political Campaigns

As a taxpayer, how would feel if you learned that your tax dollars were being used to fund the political campaign of a flaming anti-American liberal? Seattle’s ultra-liberal city council is doing just that with their so-called ‘democracy vouchers’ that are being mailed to every registered voter in the city. Once you receive your 4 vouchers, each worth $25, candidates hope you sign them over to them so they can spend them on their campaigns.

The City of Seattle is experimenting with a first-in-the nation program that potentially makes every adult a campaign donor.

Under the democracy voucher program, every resident who is a registered voter has been mailed four $25 vouchers. Only candidates can redeem the vouchers for cash, but first they have to convince people to sign them over, which is why Jon Grant rarely meets someone without asking them for their vouchers.

“We’re funding our campaign through the democracy voucher program,” Grant tells a homeowner in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. So far Grant’s strategy has worked. His campaign has collected more than $200,000. Grant says 95 percent of the money has come from vouchers…

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Seattle’s voucher program is funded by a property tax that is expected to raise $30 million over the next 10 years. Seattle has already lost over 5000 jobs and many businesses due to their raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Add this illegal and unethical campaign voucher system and they make 2 very good reasons NOT to live in Seattle.




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