Where Does Scaramucci Stand on Gun Control, Gay Marriage and the Death Penalty?

Last week, the long overdue departure of Sean Spicer as the White House Press Secretary was announced. With Donald Trump’s history of not dealing with incompetence by any of his immediate staff in private business, many, like myself, are amazed that Spicer lasted as long as he did. The guy was a bumbling fool when it came to handling the press. One of Spicer’s roles at the White House was Director of Communications. That job was is now in the hands of a Harvard trained attorney that has worked in the financial world, Anthony Scaramucci. His selection is rather surprising considering that over the years, Scaramucci has tweeted that he is for more gun control, he is for same-sex marriages and he is against the death penalty, all positions that are anti-Trump. However, since his appointment to the White House, Scaramucci says he plans on deleting many of his older tweets because he has changed his position on many things and now fully supports Trump’s agenda and policies.

This past week President Donald Trump shook up his administrative staff by naming Anthony Scaramucci as his new Communications Director. The move had a domino effect which led to the resignation of Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and the promotion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the role of new Press Secretary. The move shouldn’t be too surprising given the fact that Trump has long been rumored to be looking into shaking up his staff.

However, some were surprised that Trump chose Scaramucci to lead his communications department. Scaramucci has many of the qualities that the President wants in his communications team as the Washington Examiner explained on Saturday:

The fact that Scaramucci was not only defending Trump on virtually every cable news show but was also recently responsible for the scalps of at least three CNN journalists — while Spicer and his team had been relegated to off-camera briefings — means that the decision should have come as no surprise…

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One has to wonder if Scaramucci only changed his political views on these issues after being considered to the Director of Communications for the White House or were they honest changes made as he matured and grew in wisdom? It also begs the question if he really has changed his views or is he just giving lip service because of his new job? It will be interesting to see exactly where he stands over the next few months.




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