Scaramucci Says He’ll Fire Everyone if Necessary to Plug Leaks

Generally, as one presidential administration transitions from the previous one, there are always some federal employees still loyal to the previous administration. In most cases, they don’t present that much of a problem, as long as they continue to do their job. However, that’s not been the case with the new Trump administration. The political hatred exhibited by Obama hold-overs, has been bitter and damaging. President Trump has been weeding many of them out, but there are still those that are determined to do what they can to undermine Trump’s presidency. If it’s not Obama hold-overs, then there are a number of newer staff that seem to hate Trump and are trying to destroy him in any way they can. Consequently, news has leaked out of the Trump administration like water flowing through a screen window. New appointed White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci is promising to plug up the leaks, even if he has to fire the entire communications staff and start with all new people.

Anthony Scaramucci, President Trump’s new communications director, vowed on Tuesday to purge the White House staff of disloyal aides in an effort to crack down on leaks, as another member of the press staff resigned from a West Wing reeling from an unfolding shake-up.

“I’m going to fire everybody — that’s how,” Mr. Scaramucci told reporters in the White House driveway, when asked how he planned to identify who had been disclosing information to reporters without authorization and ensure that the leaks stopped. He said he had authority directly from Mr. Trump to do so.

“You’re either going to stop leaking, or you’re going to get fired,” he said…

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The liberal mainstream media circle Trump’s people like sharks circling a wounded fish. Part of the problem facing Scaramucci is that some of the sharks threaten not to eat some of Trump’s people if they feed them information, so, in lieu of one promise after another, news leaks out. Even if Scaramucci fires everyone and starts with an entirely new staff, he will still have to deal with circling sharks making promises.




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