Sanders’ GOP Archenemy Could be in Charge of Investigation of Jane Sanders

Brady Toensing is a Vermont attorney led the Trump campaign in Vermont. He has been a long-time foe of Bernie Sanders and now in campaigning to become a US Attorney in Vermont. If successful in his campaign, Toensing would end up in charge of overseeing the current investigation of Jane Sanders concerning the allegations of her involvement in a fraudulent bank loan.

Senator Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America, but he certainly has his share of passionate enemies.

Back home in Vermont, one man has been tangling with him for years, and with special ferocity. Soon, President Trump could give that man his best shot yet to stain Sanders’ reputation.

Brady Toensing isn’t exactly a household name; he could well become one. He is a candidate for US attorney in the state, a perch from which he would oversee an ongoing federal investigation into Sanders’ wife — a crusade he started even before Sanders ran for president.

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Jane Sanders has labeled the investigation into her role in the fraudulent bank loan, as being a sexist witch hunt by Republicans, but she fails to admit that the investigation was started by the Obama administration, months before Donald was ever sworn into office. Sanders’ wife told college trustees and the bank she had secured $2 million in donations when in fact the amount was far less than $1 million.




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