Rice Grilled by Senate Committee

Susan Rice has been a liberal Democratic black activist most of her political career. From 1997 to 2001, she served as the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. In 2009, Barack Obama pointed her to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations where she, along with Obama and Hillary Clinton, tried to give away control of many aspects of America to the United Nations, the global socialist government. In 2013, Obama appointed Rice to his National Security Adviser, mainly for the purpose of helping him promote his pro-Muslim and anti-American agenda. Earlier this year, it was learned that Rice was directly implicated in the unmasking of US intelligence operatives, placing their lives in danger. Combined with her willful defiance and resistance to President Donald Trump, Rice as released from her position as National Security Adviser in January of this year. Now the Senate Intelligence Committee was finally able to grill Rice behind closed doors on Friday.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice met privately Friday with Senate Intelligence Committee staffers, Fox News has learned – in one of several Capitol Hill sessions involving Obama administration officials.

A closed-door session with Rice had been expected earlier this week on the House side, but ended up being pushed off. It remains unclear whether Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., or any other senators were present for Friday’s meeting.

Some lawmakers have made clear they want to hear more from Obama administration officials, especially Rice, over their potential role in “unmasking” the identities of Trump associates from intelligence reports last year…

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Hopefully, Rice felt the heat while sitting in the hot seat before the Senate Intelligence Committee and that the Senators got the answers they need to possibly bring charges against Rice and others in the Obama administration. If Rice is nearly as crooked as Obama and many in his administration, she deserves to be indicted and forced to face her crimes.




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