Resignation of Ethics Director Reeks of Democratic Hypocrisy

The liberal media was all abuzz with the report that Walter Schaub, Director of the US Office of Government Ethics had submitted his resignation to President Trump. The way the mainstream media has been reporting Shaub’s resignation, you would think that it was enough to indict Trump and evict him from the White House, but all it really says is that Shaub is a hypocrite with no real sense of ethics at all.

First of all, you need to realize that Shaub was appointed to the office of Ethics Director by Barack Obama. He was sworn into office on January 9, 2013, meaning that for the first four years in serving as Ethics Director, he was completely blind to all of the many ethics violations and criminal acts of Obama.

In an interview with the media, Shaub was asked:

“Do you think the President and his family are using the office to enrich themselves?”

Shaub responded:

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“I can’t know what their intention is. I know that the effect is that there is an appearance that the businesses are profiting from his occupying the presidency.”

When asked again, he said:

“You can’t be sure, and so it almost doesn’t matter whether they are profiting or not, America should have the right to know what the motivation of its leaders are.”

If Shaub was really concerned about the ethics of President Donald Trump and his administration, then why didn’t he raise all kinds of alarms during his four years with Barack Obama? After all, Obama profited from his position as being the White House usurper. He left the White House far wealthier than when he moved in.

If Shaub was concerned about other ethical concerns of Trump and his people, then why did Shaub remain silent for the four years of Obama violating the US Constitution, federal laws and usurping the authority of Congress?

Why did Shaub remain silent when Obama illegally made change after change to Obamacare? According to the US Constitution, only Congress can make changes to a law that originated and was passed by Congress. Obama didn’t make just one change to Obamacare, but he made multiple changes to the law, and yet Shaub, Director of Ethics, remained silent.

Why did Shaub remain silent when Obama overstepped his authority when he violated a congressional action to freeze funds and weapons to Egypt while they were controlled by the Islamic terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood? Knowing that Congress had frozen the money and weapons due to the terrorist actions of Egypt’s government and their genocidal attacks on Christians, Obama took it upon himself to allow $50 million of US taxpayer money be sent to Egypt along with the sale of fighter jets. This took place after a recording of a meeting of Egypt’s leadership was revealed in which they said they wanted to destroy Israel and the United States. Not only were Obama’s actions illegal, but according to the US Constitution amounted to treason, and yet Shaub remained silent and now he has the audacity to talk about the need to place the Constitution above private gain?

Obama also overstepped his authority when he overrode Congress to send millions of taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians, yet Schaub remained silent.

Shaub questioned Trump’s motivation involving his businesses, but never questioned Obama’s motivation for his treasonous acts in supplying an enemy of the United States with millions of taxpayer dollars and fighter jets.

Shaub never questioned the over $3 million Obama made on his book once he moved into the White House, but questions Trump’s business empire, currently being run by Trump’s sons.

When the Obama’s moved into the White House, they had a combined worth of less than $10 million but that had swelled to around $24 million by the time they moved out. Where was Shaub’s questions of using the office for personal gain then?

There are a myriad of examples of Obama’s questionable ethics that could be laid out, including the motives behind his illegal orders on allowing millions of illegal aliens to remain in the country and his refusal to secure the border.



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