Republicans Working to Allow Churches to Endorse Candidates

When Democrats first established the non-profit tax status for churches, religious institutions and charities, they placed a restriction on that status in which these non-profit organizations are forbidden from being political or endorsing political candidates. Republicans have tried and failed to change that law, but are now using a backdoor approach to prevent the IRS from enforcing it.

I am sure you have heard it time and time again: Politics and church do not belong in the same conversation. However, they are extremely hard to separate. If you vote based on your beliefs, then church and your religion play a large role in politics for you. Right? That’s how it is for me, anyway.

I vote Conservative because the party’s platform lines up with my beliefs. For example, I believe it is murder to kill an unborn child. Therefore, I will vote for the party that believes the same.

The GOP is coming out to say that churches should absolutely have the right to endorse a political candidate……and also keep their tax-free status. House Republicans are now working hard to rid a law that strictly prohibits any kind of politics from the pulpit.

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Fox News reports: …

Democrats intentionally tied the hands of churches from taking political sides, knowing that most churches will tend to support conservative candidates and not their liberal, progressive or socialist candidates. In the colonial days and early days of America, most of the people relied on getting most of their political news from the pulpit. That’s how many Americans learned of the war with Great Britain for the nations independence.




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