Why Should Republicans Have to Fix the Democrats’ Healthcare Screw-up?

If Obamacare was so great, then why is it turning into one disastrous failure after another?

If Obamacare was so great, then why are so many health insurance providers dropping out of Obamacare exchanges and dropping millions of policies?

If Obamacare was so great, then why has most of the CO-OPs it created, failed?

If Obamacare was so great, then why do only half as many Americans have healthcare coverage compared to what the CBO predicted?

If Obamacare was so great, then why do Republicans have to fix the Democrat’s huge screw-up?

If Obamacare was so great, then why SHOULD Republicans have to fix the Democrats’ huge screw-up?

These are all valid questions that the mainstream media should be asking, but they aren’t? They continue to act like Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread and yet millions of Americans are either seeing their premiums skyrocket or seeing their policies cancelled or dropped. Additionally, the media acts like it’s impossible for Republicans to come up with a better affordable plan than Obamacare.

The latest news out of Washington is that the Senate GOP healthcare plan is dead in the water and most GOP senators are not inclined to take President Donald Trump’s suggestion to just repeal Obamacare and then continue to work on their replacement.

All the while, the liberal mainstream media is now blaming Republicans for the continued failures and cancellations of more and more healthcare policies. For the past several years, many of the larger insurance providers have dropped policies or pulled out of various state healthcare exchanges leaving more Americans without healthcare coverage. The media was relatively silent and if they did blame anyone, it wasn’t ever the fault of Obama and the Democrats.

However, now they blame Republicans for any more failures of Obamacare. More health insurance providers have said they are dropping more Obamacare exchange policies. The liberal mainstream media is blaming all of the more recent cancellations and dropped policies on the uncertainty of Obamacare, now in the hands of Republicans. However, the media generally fails to report that many of the companies dropping policies are also doing so because they can no longer afford to offer them – they are losing too much money on Obamacare policies.

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Democrats built the entire success of Obamacare on a premise that never happened. They believed that millions of young healthy adults would buy into Obamacare healthcare policies and that their premiums and lack of using their policies would help pay for the older citizens, the chronically ill or those with permanent health issues use of their policies. In other words, the young and healthy would pay for the older and sicker policy holders, but that never happened. It seems the largest group of people that didn’t buy into Obamacare were the young healthy adults. Without them, the entire system collapses, and collapse is exactly what Obamacare is doing.

So, back to the original question – why SHOULD Republicans be forced to fix the Democrats’ screw-up known as Obamacare?

If Democrats are all fired sure that Obamacare is the answer to everything, then perhaps the best avenue at this stage is to just allow Obamacare to continue to implode on itself and fail big time. Premiums will continue to soar higher and higher, coverage will continue to decrease, deductibles will continue to increase and more Americans will find that they can no longer afford the outrageous price of Obamacare premiums. And without the base support of millions of young healthy people buying into it, more companies will cancel and drop Obamacare policies because they lose too much money on them.

Given the chance, Obamacare will totally collapse in another year or two. Then Republicans can point their fingers at Democrats and say it was all their doing and that Democrats need to come up with a workable, acceptable and affordable plan that Republicans would agree with. But let Democrats fix their own screw-up instead of forcing Republicans to dig themselves into a hole they may never be able to get out of.



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