Rapper is ‘Person of Interest’ in Little Rock Shooting

The news Saturday was plastered with the horrific event that took place during a rap concert early Saturday morning in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rapper Finese2Tymes, Ricky Hampton, was arrested in Birmingham and is listed by police as a ‘person of interest’. Hampton had outstanding warrants, issued in Forrest City, Arkansas for another incident. Early reports said that one of the posters advertising the rap concert showed a man pointing a gun at you.

The Memphis rapper performing at Power Ultra Lounge when dozens of shots rang out was arrested early Sunday in Alabama along with a second suspect.

Ricky Hampton, also known as Finese2Tymes, along with another suspect was arrested outside of Side Effects Club in Birmingham, Alabama.

Little Rock Police are labeling him a person of interest in shooting on 6th Street. They stress he hasn’t been charged with anything related to the Little Rock incident.  They’re hopeful federal authorities will extradite him to Little Rock.

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I don’t listen to rap music because it is so filled with hate, violence, racism and everything anti-America, which is why it has become so popular for many gang members. If helps boost their thirst for blood and violence. Therefore, I’m not surprised to learn that Hampton had outstanding warrants for a separate incident and is a person of interest to police in what is being described as a gang-related shooting that injured 25 people.




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