Radical Left-Wing Group Suspected of Planning Violence and Destruction at Gettysburg National Park

Intolerant left-wing liberals are unable to see the difference between history and racism. With some groups, like AntiFa, they see racism in everything, even when it’s not there, spurring them and others to push to remove and destroy all monuments and memorials to the thousands of Confederate soldiers that died and were wounded during the Civil War. The National Park Service received warnings that AntiFa was planning on descending on Gettysburg this holiday weekend, to disrupt and create violence and possibly try to destroy part of the historical site.

Reports of possible disruptive or even violent actions by the militant left-wing group AntiFa at Gettysburg National Park this weekend have the Park Service acting with an “abundance of caution.”

The Park Service says it is keeping track of numerous possible indicators of trouble at the Battle of Gettysburg anniversary from July 1-3 – including reports that AntiFa may be planning to damage memorials and even desecrate gravestones at the historic battleground where the Union turned the tide of war against the South in 1863.

The Central Pennsylvania AntiFa group says on its facebook page that such reports are “most likely false” and “smell fishy.” …

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Even though AntiFa says the reports are false, the National Park Service is taking precautions to prevent any disruption, violence or destruction from taking place. Even if the reports are false, there is still the chance of smaller radical groups or individuals who will show and try to do what they can to make a name for themselves and these crazies may be the ones the National Park Service have to deal with.



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