Planning Late Summer Trip? Which is Best Day to Book It?

Many Americans can’t afford to just jet away for a trip anytime they want. Even though the economy may be improving, most families find funds for trips hard to come by. This is why so many online travel-booking sites have become so popular as so many people are looking for a deal. One source is claiming to know the best day to book your flight for in order to get the best rates.

If you want to plan a getaway that doesn’t break the bank, aim for a late summer flight on August 22nd.

It’s the date most airlines go with to signal the start of the cheaper fall season, according to the CEO of FareCompare from an article on ABC News.

Since kids are usually back in school, the demand for vacation travel drops. When that happens, fares drop too! …

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Perhaps one reason that August 22nd is supposed to be the best day to travel for a late summer getaway is that so many kids are back in school by then, resulting in fewer people traveling. If you are planning a late summer trip, plan to travel during the week and in August instead of July, as August is generally cheaper than July.




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