Parents Heading to Prison for Gifting 6 Daughters to be Sex Slaves

The primary role of parents is to protect, educate and raise godly children. Most parents would give their lives to protect their children from any harm, especially the parents of girls, who fear the worse happening to them. I know, I have two daughters and I probably would have killed anyone who harmed either one of them when they were growing up. So, it’s very difficult to understand how any parent could turn not one but six of their daughters over to some cult prophet so he can abuse them as sex slaves. Yet, that’s what a Pennsylvania couple has been found guilty of, gifting their 6 daughters to a phony cult prophet, knowing they will be used for his own personal sexual pleasure.

Jen Betz wondered where the neighbors’ children were during the summers.

She knew several young girls lived with her middle-aged neighbor Lee Kaplan, who they assumed was their father. But for years, she had felt uneasy.

The girls never came out to play in the yard, which was overgrown with weeds. On the rare occasions when Betz did see them, they all wore blue dresses. And there were so many of them.

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What she didn’t know was that Kaplan was a cultlike figure who considered himself a prophet of God. She didn’t know either that he considered the girls his wives and that he spent years sexually abusing them while they lived in his basement without basic necessities.

What’s really shocking about this is that the parents only got a sentence of 7 years for on child endangerment charges. Their daughters ranged in age from teenager to pre-pubescent when they were given to 52-year-old Lee Kaplan as his sex slave wives. Kaplan was also arrested and convicted on 17 counts of child sexual abuse and rape. I’ know it’s not permitted but if possible, the parents and Kaplan should all be sterilized before being released from prison to make sure they don’t place any other kids in danger.




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