PA Dems Reject GOP Budget Plan

Like a growing number of states, Pennsylvania’s state budget is continuing to grow out of control and creating a deficit. State Republicans have proposed a $32 billion spending bill that has $2.2 billion deficit. Republicans propose to borrow $1.2 billion and raised the rest with tax increases and other revenue sources. Democrats rejected the plan over the weekend.

That Pennsylvania budget package? It’s still a work in progress.

Talks fell short Sunday night as Gov. Tom Wolf and his Democratic allies in the legislature turned down a Republican plan of taxes and other revenue raisers designed to fill an $800 million gap in a $32 billion spending plan.

No one was characterizing Sunday’s rejection as a total collapse.

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But it did lay bare, for the first time publicly, a sizable list of issues that need to be tamped down before the budget can be completed…

It seems that something neither party has considered is a reduction in spending to counter the deficit in the budget plan. If they ran their state as a business, that’s what they would have to do in order to balance the books. Instead of borrowing money or raising taxes, state legislators should take out their red pens and begin slashing parts of the budget to account for the $2.2 billion deficit. In fact they need to slash more than that so the state won’t have the same problem next fiscal year.




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