Opioid Overdose Epidemic Obama’s Fault

For the past year, the news has been filled with news of opioid overdoses being a local and national epidemic. This week on CBS This Morning News, they featured the opioid overdose epidemic hitting Ohio, specifically they looked at Butler County in the Cincinnati area. A reporter on the story rode with first responders in Butler County who responded to 8 overdose calls on that one shift.

They interviewed one local lawmaker who has raised the question of having first responders NOT respond to the third callout for the same drug user. He says the county is small with a small budget and they cannot continue to afford the $1,000 it cost the county per every call. As it is, the county says they are spending at least $2 million of their $25 million annual budget just on responding to opioid overdoses. One call the reporter rode along with was the second time in less than a week first responders had been called for the same person, both times they overdosed on drugs. Chances are, they’ll probably have to respond again to the same person. Another lawmaker suggested having every overdose patient arrested and charged with a drug crime, but with the terms that all charges will be dropped if they seek treatment for their addiction. The problem with this idea is that studies indicate that this type of policy has a relatively low success rate.

A local news story blasted Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones for refusing to allow his deputies to carry the drug used to save overdosed people. He says his deputies are not medical people and then he says it’s a liability issue. Deputies in neighboring counties are carrying Narcan, the drug used to rescue opioid overdoses and protesters in the area are wondering why Sheriff Jones won’t do the same. It sounds like they are blaming him for the epidemic of overdoses in his county.

But whose fault is it to begin with?

To begin with, Barack Obama is largely to blame for the epidemic in heroin and other opioid overdoses. For eight years, Obama refused to secure our southern border and for his illegal and treasonous actions to allow millions of illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States. With an open border policy, drug traffickers easily moved their illegal drugs from Mexico into the US. In many instances, they forced illegals to carry their illicit goods into the country in back packs.

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Ranchers along the southern border have reported seeing human mules carrying heavy backpacks filled with drugs, crossing their rangelands. Some ranchers have even encountered drug traffickers and have had their lives and the lives of their family threatened if they said anything. One rancher so feared for his wife and kids’ safety that he sent them to live with relatives a couple hundred miles further north, just to keep them safe. He sleeps with a loaded weapon. He always carries a loaded gun and has spent several thousand dollars on a security system around his home. He also has several trained guard dogs, and yet with all of this, he lives in constant fear and blames Obama for allowing it to happen.

Art Arthur, a resident fellow in law and policy with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) commented on the problem, saying:

“I think this is critical. It’s important for a variety of reasons. It’s going to cut down not just illegal immigration, but also the flow of drugs across the border and the flow of other contraband. I think that this is absolutely crucial.”

Secondly, I blame the drug users for the overdose epidemic. At some point in time, they had to make the decision to try drugs. Most don’t believe that they would become addicted, but there has been so much information over the years warning of the dangers, that this really is a very poor excuse. Had the person not tried a drug or given in to peer pressure to try a drug, they wouldn’t be hooked and they wouldn’t be overdosing. They may be addicts now and addicts do need help to become unhooked and clean, but it was their own fault from the very beginning.

Therefore, I blame drug users for their own overdosing, and I blame Barack Obama for the flood of opioid drugs found on the streets of our nation. Had he secured the border as many pushed him to do, these drugs would not be nearly as plentiful as they are and thousands of lives would be saved.


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