North Korea’s Reign of Fear

Throughout history, brutal dictatorships have used fear as a tactic to control the people. Adolf Hitler arrested and executed anyone reportedly who just said something negative about him or the government. The German people lived in fear, not knowing who they could speak to, not even to their family in their own homes. Kim Jong-un has turned to the same fear tactic to intimidate and subdue the estimate 25 million people living in North Korea, by using widespread public executions of criminals, many of which are criminal only because they dared to speak out against Kim.

Kim Jong Un’s brutal North Korean regime shot so-called “criminals” to death in schoolyards and fish markets in a twisted attempt to create an “atmosphere of fear” throughout the dictatorship, a Wednesday report from a human rights group revealed.

The report, released by The Transnational Justice Working Group in Seoul, gathered information from more than 300 North Korean refugees who witnessed the regime’s firing squad executing criminals in public areas to attract large crowds and instill fear in its citizens.

“In ordinary areas outside the prison system, our interviewees stated that public executions take place near river banks, in river beds, near bridges, in public sports stadiums, in the local marketplace, on school grounds in the fringes of the city, or on mountainsides,” the report stated…

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I’m all for public execution of murderers, rapists, traitors and terrorists, but not in the way Kim is conducting his executions. I’ve long contended that executing a murdered in public where people can see the consequences of the crime will help deter some from committing the same crime, but in the case of North Korea, the executions are conducted in such a way and so many locations like school yards and market places, that they only teach fear of the government and suppress anyone from speaking out against the tyrannical regime of a bloodthirsty immature dictator.




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