No Third Trial for White Former Officer

In 2015, then University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing pulled over the car of Sam DuBose for a traffic violation. While Tensing was questioning DuBose, a black American, refused to cooperate and reportedly attempted to drive away while Officer Tensing was reaching into his car. Tensing testified that he feared for his life, so he pulled his gun and shot DuBose, killing him. Naturally, it didn’t matter to the black community didn’t care that DuBose refused to cooperate, but insisted that Tensing face murder charges. The first two murder trails ended in hung juries, with black jurists voting guilty and not willing to budge. The black community still pressured prosecutors for a third trial, but yesterday, it was announced that there would not be a third trial, allowing Tensing to go free.

After deadlocked juries led to two mistrials in the case of Raymond M. Tensing, a former Cincinnati police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black motorist, prosecutors said Tuesday that they were preparing to drop charges against him.

“It’s my decision that he will not be retried a third time,” said Joseph T. Deters, the head prosecutor in Hamilton County, speaking at a news conference at his office in downtown Cincinnati. “After talking to these jurors, there is not a likelihood of success at trial,” he said.

Mr. Deters said that federal prosecutors in Ohio had called his office about Mr. Tensing’s case, and that the matter has now been referred to them. The office of the United States attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, Benjamin C. Glassman, said in a statement that it was reviewing evidence from the trials to see if there were “possible federal civil rights offenses warranting investigation and potential prosecution.” …

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Early on, Tensing was discharged from the campus police department, and now has to figure out what he’ll do to provide for himself. I wouldn’t be surprised to see protests and possibly worse. They will march and protest and who knows what because a white law enforcement officer had to shoot a black American who refused to cooperate, and yet there are black on black shootings and murders almost every day or two and yet I don’t see the same kind of anger, upset or protests.




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