No Kidding! The Scorpion King Running for President

For years, it was either politicians or military generals who ran campaigns for the presidency. Then an actor decided to get into state politics and won the governor’s mansion in California before winning the White House. Now we have a successful business man in the White House, largely because Americans are tired of career politicians. Could this be the start of a whole new trend of politicians?

The unique nature of Donald Trump’s path to the White House has inspired a number of possible 2020 contenders, but one such unconventional candidate seems to be more serious than the rest.

There has been no shortage of celebrity interest in politics, especially now that Donald Trump has taken over the duties of Commander in Chief.  The businessman, author, and television personality has cast a wide net in terms of his personal empire, and has affected millions of Americans on one level or another.  Trump was truly one of the last non-political household names outside of Hollywood, and that notoriety instilled a confidence in the Americans that resoundingly elected him in 2016.

In the past, we have been subjected to the whims of celebrity politicking, but Trump’s ascension to the most powerful office in the land has upped the ante to unbelievable levels.  Rapper Kanye West has already declared that he’ll be running for President in 2020, and is safely presumed to be of a liberal mindset.  Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, and others have all speculated on the subject as well, but only one celebrity so far has had a committee formed and registered for his potential run.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, former professional wrestler turned actor, who starred as the Scorpion King in the Mummy movie series, has a formal campaign committee registered with the Federal Election Commission. True, the campaign committee was started by someone other than Johnson, but nevertheless, it seems that there is already a push for the Scorpion King to be America’s king.




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