Missouri Lowers Minimum Wage to Help Spur Business

Seattle was the first major city in the nation to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. One year later, they have seen a loss of over 5,000 jobs and people moving out of the city to the suburbs. Other places have seen the negative impact of raising the minimum wage, pushed by liberal Democrats. Missouri is taking the step to reverse that negative impact my rolling back the minimum wage increase in hopes of spurring business.

The massive liberal outcry for an increase to the minimum wage in America has backfired in St. Louis, Missouri, and now the state is taking action.

In many locales across the nation, particularly in the ultraliberal west, the minimum wage for American workers has been bumped from $7 and change to $15.00 – an enormous increase with dire consequences.  Not only have massive corporations such as McDonald’s been forced to replace flesh and blood workers with kiosks, but small, family-run businesses are shedding employees faster than you can say “order up!”.

Now, after feeling the adverse effects of paying a minimum wage of just $10, Missouri is looking to roll back the destructive switch in order to preserve the state’s heritage as a business-friendly destination…

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Republicans constantly warned Democrats about what would happen if they increased the minimum wage as much as they intended to, but of course, the Dumbocrats wouldn’t listen. Now they are finding out that Republicans were right about what would happen, such as loss of sales, loss of sales taxes, jobs lost, hours cut, and more. It doesn’t help a minimum wage earner if the minimum wage is increased, but his or her hours are decreased or if they lose their job.




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