Why Did Media Lie with Report of Two British Men Having Babies?

A news report being picked up out of Great Britain claims that two men gave birth to babies and they were the first men in the world to do so. However, this is typical of the liberal mainstream media’s agenda to push the LGBT agenda on the world. They are very quick to pick up any story that supports the liberal anti-family, anti-biblical traditional values that used to dominate much of America’s and Europe’s cultures.

In truth, most of the mainstream media outlets have abandoned reporting honest and factual news. They have traded traditional journalism for being the propaganda outlets for the ultra-liberal left-wing agenda, which is anti-family and anti-biblical. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw the mainstream media put out a news story that supported traditional family and biblical values? When was the last time the mainstream media reported positively about anyone other than a liberal Democrat?

Or look at how the media treats anyone that stands up for the morals and values of conservatives and Christians, such as the whole issue over transgender use of any bathroom they want. The media crucified North Carolina for passing their ‘bathroom bill’ that protected the rights of privacy and decency for the state’s residents. Anytime anyone stands up for the rights of privacy and decency of the majority of the American people, the media labels them as haters, bigots and homophobes, just because they don’t want anatomical boys sharing the same bathrooms, lockers and school showers as their daughters. Even after statistics have shown that in some areas where transgenders were allowed the use the bathroom of their choice and some businesses chose to do the same, that sexual assaults on children and women increased, but the media continued to defend the demanded rights of a few over the rights of the many.

Another example of the extreme bias of the liberal media is this report about two British men being the first men to have babies. The Telegraph, a popular British news outlet, printed the following headline:

Two British men become first to give birth after putting gender surgery on hold

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The first sentence of the article is just as misleading as the headline. It reads:

“Two British men have become the first in the country to give birth after putting their gender transitions on hold.”

Note that it says two men, but then gives away the truth by saying that the births happened before their gender transitions took place.

The article goes on with the misleading and inaccurate news, by saying that Hayden Cross delivered ‘his’ daughter after he found a sperm donor via Facebook. The male sperm donor came to ‘her’ house, handed over his sperm in a container and then Cross used a syringe to inseminate herself. That would be impossible to do if Cross was a man as the article implies. Cross could only have inseminated ‘herself’ had ‘she’ been anatomically female with all of the right sexual parts. Cross was thrilled to find ‘she’ was pregnant two-weeks later. She admitted:

“It’s a very female thing to carry a baby…”

Hayden Cross, born Paige Cross, has gone so far as to ask the British National Health Service to freeze ‘his’ eggs before undergoing the rest of her sex change. She/he hopes to be able to have children in the future using her eggs and artificially inseminating them. How could a man ask to have his eggs preserved since men do not produce eggs?

The report also says that Scott Parker got pregnant after having drunken sex with a friend last year. The friend was male and Parker had sex as a female, got pregnant as a female and gave birth as a female.

But we all know that MEN cannot get pregnant nor can they have a baby.

The article does clarify that both of these individuals were born female, but chose to live as men. They both plan to undergo sex changes, including surgery, but at the time they got pregnant and delivered their babies, they were both still anatomically female, not male. They admit that once they have surgery to change their gender to male that having a baby would be impossible, which is further evidence that they were not men when they gave birth.

If the media is basing their claim that two men for the first men to have babies is based upon both ‘women’ saying they are male, then the article is wrong again as there have been a number of other women who had babies and then had a sex change to make them men, so these two Brits are definitely NOT the first at anything.

The only reason the media has picked up on their story is to help promote the LGBT agenda and help to further destroy the traditional foundations of families, parenthood and Christian values, and nothing more. The media should be ashamed of themselves for reporting lies, as should these two individuals who deny to accept their birth gender.

Scott and Parker were every bit female when they got pregnant and gave birth and the headlines of The Telegraph as well as many others, were blatant lies to promote an agenda. They are no different than the tabloids you see at the checkout stands in grocery stores.



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