Marine Vet’s Unique Way of Honoring Fallen Soldiers

One of the main tragedies of any war is the loss of life. While many men and women volunteer to serve, knowing they may be called to sacrifice their lives, it’s always harder on the loved ones back home. One Vietnam veteran has found a way to honor and pay tribute to fallen soldiers and Navy corpsmen who died in battle in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A Marine veteran is on a mission to honor fallen soldiers.

Cliff Leonard, who served in Vietnam, uses his artistic skills to create sculptures of Marines and Navy corpsmen who have been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

He started with a fallen Marine from Jacksonville, Florida, in 2010, and then he decided to do all the Marines and corpsmen in the city.

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“Finished all those and decided maybe I’ll do all the ones in Florida,” Leonard told Fox 13

Leonard is a treasure to honor the fallen heroes by making a bust of them to give to their families, absolutely free of charge. He thinks of each one as his little brother and wants the families to have a lasting tribute of them. His work has helped some grieving parents heal and has brought tears to their eyes as they gaze upon the likeness of their sons, whom they will never see again. I think Leonard deserves the highest civilian award a president could give.




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