Liberals Again Turning to Political Correctness to Hide Truth

The vast majority of Americans would resist to anything associated with socialism. However, a majority has embraced ‘social justice’ without realizing that social justice is just the politically correct term for socialism. Now, liberals are once again turning to political correctness in changing the term ‘sanctuary city’ to ‘welcoming city’, but it means the same thing – defiance and refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.

Conservatives have several issues to be concerned with these days. One that just keeps resurfacing is illegal immigration.

Some are already blaming Trump for softening his position on illegals. This may or may not be, but the guy has been in office for less than six months, so I’m going to cut him some slack. To me, he appears to be doing what he can on his own, with seemingly zero help from the Chamber of Commerce controlled legislature.

He is going ahead with border wall plans and mockups, and his anti-illegal rhetoric has apparently been effective at tamping down illegal entries. Yet while this is happening, liberal cities are still rolling out the welcome mat for criminal aliens…

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Political correctness is the liberals’ way of disguising the truth and making it more acceptable to the American public, just like when a parent hides medicine in applesauce and gets their child to swallow it. Liberal hide the truth with more socially acceptable terms so that the general public will swallow it, hook, line and sinker. Whenever you see any political correct term, find out what it really means and you’ll be surprised and appalled.




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