Liberals Horrified that Trump’s Tough Stand on Trade is Working

America’s trade policies with other nations over the past several decades have been mostly to the benefit of the other nations and not America. Perhaps that’s because they were all handled and negotiated by politicians instead of a successful business person. During the campaign and since becoming President, Trump has taken a much tougher stand on trade with other nations, putting America first and guess what, it’s working!

Let me begin this by stating, unequivocally, that I am a supporter of “real” free trade. In fact, candidate Trump’s rhetoric on trade was one of the reasons I preferred other candidates during the GOP primary. However, the President himself has argued that he is also for free trade… as long as it is “fair” trade as well.

In this, he has an important point to make.

As the nation that attempts to take the moral “high road” as often as possible, the United States (in the past) has often allowed itself to accept inferior deals as a method of placating our political opponents across the sea. Many of our past trade deals have been accepted freely, but have not always been in the best interests of our people… and that is not what “real” free trade is all about. “Real” free trade benefits both parties and their economies and is a boon to the populations of both nations…

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Ever hear of the saying that you don’t send a boy to do a man’s job? Or you don’t send a plumber to wire a house? It seems that we are learning that you shouldn’t elect a politician to run a nation and handle trade with other countries. America needs to be run more like a business than a debt crazy organization hell bent on economic implosion and finally we have just what the nation needs.




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