Liberal Poll Gives Warnings to Republicans & Democrats

Midterm elections don’t change the occupant of the White House, but can change the entire scope and power of Congress. In 2008, Democrats swept the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. They had complete control of the federal government, at which time they forced their national socialist healthcare system on the American people. At the time Obamacare was passed, many polls showed that 50% to 75% of the American people opposed Obamacare, but Democrats didn’t care what the American people wanted, they passed it anyway. Isn’t it ironic that Democrats claim to be the party of the American people and yet they regularly ignore the people and do what they want anyway?

In the 2010 midterm election, the American people showed their displeasure with the Democrats for not listening to them and they voted to give control of the House to the Republicans. You would have thought that Democrats would have seen the writing on the wall and begin listening to the American people, but that was not the case. After Barack Obama won re-election in 2012, Democrats continued to push their anti-American agenda. They even resorted to extorting the Republican-controlled House into compromising and giving in the Democrat’s demand. Whenever the GOP House didn’t cooperate, Democrats blamed Republicans for the Democrats’ own unwillingness to listen and work together.

In the 2014 midterm election, the American people again showed their displeasure with the Democrats and voted to give control of the Senate to Republicans, who still controlled the House. With control of the both houses of Congress, Washington politics came to a literal standstill between them and Obama.

In the 2016 election, the American people again showed their displeasure with Democratic control of the White House and much to the anguish of Democrats, the American people voted Donald Trump into the White House.

Trump made a number of campaign promises of things to accomplish, and he has been working towards keeping those promises. However, liberal Democrats and agenda driven judges continue to try to block Trump every chance they have.

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Trump promised to cut the size of the federal government and he’s been doing that. He promised to rebuild the military that Obama tried to destroy and he’s doing that. He promised to secure the border with Mexico and he’s doing that. He promised to enforce federal immigration laws and he’s doing that. He promised to help create jobs and keep companies from moving out of the United States and he’s doing that.

However, Trump and Republicans promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and so far, they have not been able to keep that promise. House Republicans narrowly passed a new healthcare bill, but it was rejected by Senate Republicans, who have come with two versions of their own healthcare bill, neither of which was sufficient enough to pass a vote.

Unfortunately, it seems many Americans listen to the liberal mainstream media who hate Trump and all Republicans with a passion. In spite of all of the promises being kept, the media is focusing on the GOP failure to fix or replace Obamacare and their alleged collusion between Trump, his campaign and the Russians to win the election.

This is mostly likely the reason behind a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll results. The poll results said that 52% of voters want Democrats to control Congress so they can keep check on Trump. Only 38% didn’t want Democrats to control Congress. This should be a wake-up warning for Republicans to get their act together and come up with an acceptable replacement for Obamacare as soon as possible.

However, the poll also should serve as a wake-up call for Democrats since it seems that 65% of Republicans said they are ‘almost certain to vote’ while only 57% of Democrat leaning voters said they were certain to vote in the 2018 election.

Another bad omen for Democrats was given when 72% of people who strongly favored Trump were certain to vote in the 2018 midterm election and only 61% of people who strongly disapprove of Trump were certain they were going to vote in the 2018 midterms.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll is notoriously liberal biased, so it’s surprising to see some of the results favoring Republicans. However, it does indicate that the American people are growing restless with the Trump presidency which means the 2018 midterm elections are very important to who will control Congress which will determine how much Trump will be able to accomplish.



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