Judge Dismissed Professors’ Lawsuit to Stop Campus Carry in Texas

Texas is a gun friendly state. Gov. Greg Abbott has courted gun owners and gun companies to move to Texas where their rights will be protected. Republicans in control of the state legislature have been passing a series of conservative bills, including a bill giving individuals the right to carry concealed weapons in many college campus locations. This has Democrats cringing and led to some professors at the University of Texas to file a lawsuit to stop the campus carry law, but a federal judge thought differently of their lawsuit.

Three University of Texas professors had a rude awakening after their smug lawsuit was dismissed by a federal court judge.

Why did they file a lawsuit? Texas passed a law allowing students to carry concealed on campus. The three professors were not comfortable with concealed handguns on campus because they felt it would have a “chilling effect” in their classrooms during debate.

Oh PLEASE! Packing heat doesn’t have a “chilling effect!” Snowflakes do!

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ABC News reports: …

It’s sad that these professors, all female, have allowed their liberal anti-American agenda to cloud their judgement and sense of reason. They care nothing about the safety of students and faculty on the campus, because if they did, they wouldn’t be trying to stop them from being able to protect themselves. Their ideology is more important than the safety and welfare of others, which is a really sad commentary.




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