ISIS Revenue Drops Drastically as They Lose Territory

Over the past couple of years, ISIS has lost a considerable amount of territory in Iraq and Syria. In conjunction with the loss of territory, ISIS has seen its revenue drop by 80%, from $81 million down to $16 million. This is probably why they have turned to social media to call lone wolf supporters to do their own terrorist attacks, since they care finding it difficult to pay their regular forces, let alone anyone else.

ISIS has seen its income drop by 80 percent in two years as it loses territory and the oil and tax revenue that comes with it, according to a study of its finances.

The self-declared caliphate has seen average monthly income plunge from $81 million in the second quarter of 2015 to just $16 million in the same period this year, according to IHS Markit, a global data monitoring company that provides analysis to businesses and governments.

The report comes as Iraq declared the terror group “had fallen” after government forces recaptured a key mosque in the former ISIS stronghold of Mosul…

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If efforts to oust ISIS from the rest of their held territory continues, their money may begin to dry up altogether and hopefully, they would just blow away in the hot desert winds. Fighting of an ideology is one thing, but doing it without getting paid is another. Even radicals have a sense of need and proving that even radicals need to be paid to blow themselves up.




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