ICE Acting Director’s Statement on Tragic Discovery of Illegal Aliens Locked in Semi

Thousands of illegal aliens have risked their lives and the lives of their loved ones, trying to cross into the US illegally. Over the years, many have died in the hot dry deserts of the Southwest, as they walked for hundreds of miles will too little water in temperatures well over 100 degrees. The try trekking through the desert and hiding in small and large trucks, hoping to travel to the US to take advantage of the bleeding-heart liberals, ready to give the almost everything they need and more. In the latest incident, officials discovered 38 illegal aliens locked in the back of a semi-trailer on the southwest side of San Antonio. When officials discovered, 8 had already died due to the intense heat and the rest were sent to local hospitals, with 17 listed as having life-threatening injuries. Since that time at least two of those hospitalized also died.

The acting director of ICE released a statement following the tragic discovering of 38 immigrants in a semi-struck on San Antonio’s southwest side.

Thomas Homan addressed the tragedy where eight people were found dead at the scene, 17 hospitalized with life-threatening injuries and 13 sent to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

Statement from ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan below:

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“By any standard, the horrific crime uncovered last night ranks as a stark reminder of why human smuggling networks must be pursued, caught and punished. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations works year-round to identify, dismantle, and disrupt the transnational criminal networks that smuggle people into and throughout the United States…

The liberal main-stream media have been playing this story as a tragedy that is the result of conservative immigration policies, when in fact the fault lies with the illegals found in the truck. No one forced them to come to the US illegally. They chose to make this trek and they knew that when they climbed into the back of the trailer that they would be fighting the intense heat. Their tragedy lies with themselves and the person or persons who left them inside the truck and not with conservatives.




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