HORROR: Maxine Waters for President in 2020???

California is the land of ultra-left-wing liberals, nuts, fruits, flakes, wackos and illegal aliens. Several years ago, it was reported that Hispanics were the largest ethnic group in the southern half of the state. California has declared itself to be a sanctuary state, and their legislature is contemplating a single-payer healthcare system that will cost more than twice the state’s total annual budget, but hey, just raise taxes on the people and businesses, right? California is also the home of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that is loonier than a Looney Tunes cartoon. Running a close second for radical lunacy behind Pelosi is Rep Maxine Waters, known for making some of the most outrageous, racist and utterly ridiculous statements that has come out of the mouth of any politician, except Pelosi. Rumors are circulating that Waters is making an appearance in New Hampshire in what many believe is a pre-2020 campaign move to test the presidential waters.

As if they finally sense the impending doom of their party, the democrats are scrambling to refocus on the 2020 presidential campaign before they fade into total obscurity.

America is completely fed up with the democratic party, and the tension in Washington D.C. is no longer your average bipartisan bickering, either.  Ever since the disastrous Hillary Clinton campaign went up in flames during 2016, the democrats have been scrambling to find a foothold in the nation’s psyche.  Clinton was plagued by a number of leaks to whistleblower website Wikileaks that completely and utterly undermined the entire democratic organization, as its corruption was revealed starting from the top down.  Americans, who were already fed up with the “business as usual” attitude of a great many politicians on both sides of the aisle, rejected the notion that a career politician/criminal such as Clinton could once again ascend to greatness in our broken political system.  Instead, voters within the United States made a statement, resoundingly choosing Donald J. Trump to lead us and, in the process, shake up the Washington elitists’ little club.

The really frightening thing is that Waters could actually stand a chance of winning the Democratic nomination for President since she is a female and a black American. She is radical enough to draw the votes of millions of brainwashed millennials who would vote for her simply because she wears a skirt, is black and is not a Republican. That would certainly spell the final doom for America.

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