Healthcare Up in the Air or Down the Toilet?

Senate Republicans can only afford to lose 2 votes from amongst their own ranks in order to pass the latest version of their healthcare bill. Currently, there are 4 Republican Senators who have said they will not vote for the current healthcare plan. This means that the GOP healthcare bill is either going to be left up in the air or flushed down the toilet of rejection. In the meantime, Obamacare will continue to implode on itself.

President Trump predicted Tuesday morning that Republicans may wait for the federal insurance market to collapse and then work to broker a deal to rewrite the nation’s landmark health-care law.

But as divisions between the two main ideological camps within the GOP widened Tuesday, Republicans were scrambling to contain the political fallout from the collapse of a months-long effort to rewrite Barack Obama’s signature domestic accomplishment.

In a series of tweets, Trump blamed the demise of a plan to rewrite the Affordable Care Act on Democrats “and a few Republicans,” but he suggested that the drive to overhaul the law was not completely over…

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Obamacare was never intended to be a workable national healthcare bill. It had two purposes only – raise taxes and force a national socialist program on the American people and it has succeeded with both of those purposes. Now, Republicans are stuck with trying to replace a failed national socialist healthcare with another workable and affordable national socialist healthcare plan, which in reality is impossible. Republicans are in a no-win situation, thanks to Obama and the Democrats.




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