Guess What This Illegal Alien Did to Her Kids and Husband?

Remember when candidate Donald Trump characterized illegal aliens as being criminals and drug users and a danger to society? Democrats went ballistic at his comment. They characterized him as a hater and being intolerant, but there is a huge difference in being truthful and intolerant to people who willfully violate OUR laws. The very fact that they are referred to as ILLEGAL aliens or immigrants is a direct correlation to the fact that they are in violation of US immigration laws by being here and for every minute they remain here.

How many times have you seen or heard reports of illegals murdering, robbing, beating, raping, sexually assaulting others here in the US?

The murder of Kathryn Steinle could have been prevented by simply enforcing federal immigration laws. Instead, she died in her father’s arms after being shot in the back by an illegal alien who should have been in jail.

What about the recent murder of Nabra Hassanen by an illegal alien in Virginia?

What about the gang composed of many illegal aliens tied to a string of murders in New York?

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What about the repeat illegal alien who was driving under the influence and without a license in liberal California, when he struck Marcello Bisarello with his car, killing him? The illegal fled the scene, but thankfully, an eyewitness chased and stopped the illegal and held him until police could arrive.

What about 64-year-old US military veteran and retired civilian employee Marilyn Pharis, who was beaten with a hammer strangled, raped and left for dead by two illegal aliens? She later died of her wounds.

What about 21-year-old Grant Ronnebeck, who worked at a convenience store just around the corner from where I lived in Mesa, Arizona. Apoloinar Altamirano, and illegal alien, walked into the store, dumped a jar of coins on the counter and demanded cigarettes. When Ronnebeck told Altamirano that he needed to count out the coin, the illegal pulled a gun and shot Ronnebeck.

Now we can add Maria Isabel Garduno-Martinez, a 33-year-old illegal from Mexico, living in the Atlanta area. She is now in jail after being accused to stabbing and killing her four kids and husband. Photos of her at her initial court hearing, she is smiling and giving 2-thumbs up. Perhaps because she believes she’ll just be deported or that the US government will care for her for the rest of her life in prison.

As for them being criminals and drug users, allow me to give you a personal eyewitness accounts of the effects illegal aliens have here in the US. I lived in the Mesa, Arizona area for 36 years and still have family and friends throughout the state. Some of those friends are in law enforcement.

I’ve seen what happens when illegal aliens move into neighborhoods. Where I used to live when my daughters were born, was a nice peaceful, family oriented neighborhood. We felt safe enough to take walks at night and let the girls play outside. Then illegal aliens began moving into the neighborhood. Home invasions, burglaries, auto break-ins, thefts assaults and crime in general, all went up. In a few short years, the entire neighborhood looked like a Mexican ghetto, with trash, graffiti and unkempt houses and lawns. Property values plummeted. Friends and family tell me know that the neighborhood is dangerous and not even safe to drive through in the daytime.

I know ranchers in southern Arizona who live with a gun at all times, even in bed with them for fear of illegal aliens and drug traffickers. One rancher sent his wife and kids to live with relatives elsewhere in the state because his ranch was too dangerous for them, due to illegals and drug traffickers.

Smaller hospitals and urgent care facilities have had to close because they could no longer afford to provide FREE medical care to Obama’s illegals. The lack of emergency centers have endangered the lives of local residents who have to travel further to seek emergency care. At least one man died while en route to facility miles away after the local one was forced to closed.

This same scenario has been played out in neighborhoods all across America, and yet Democrats still want to protect them more than they want to protect American citizens from being victimized by them.

The solution is to arrest and deport EVERY illegal and send them back to their own countries, regardless if their country wants them back or not. Then we should bill their home countries for the expense of arresting, detaining and deporting the illegals. Maybe then those nations will do something to prevent their people from coming here illegally.



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