Guess What Gun Owners are More Likely to …

Depending on which side of the political fence you sit, you will have a much different view of gun owners. If you are a liberal, you probably view gun owners as blood thirsty violent people If you are a conservative, you probably view gun owners as being patriotic Americans who value their constitutional rights. A new poll reveals something else about gun owners.

The latest Pew poll on gun ownership in America has a ton of important data and more than a few surprising conclusions contained within it. (Surprising for the left, not-so-surprising for the rest of us.)

The Pew poll finds that gun owners are more likely to be politically active than their non-gun owning counterparts.

The majority of Americans favor stricter gun controls, but gun owners are much more likely to be politically active and to contact public officials about their beliefs, according to a new survey that goes a long way toward explaining the political power of Second Amendment advocates…

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The reason gun owners are more politically active is because they are seeing liberal Democrats stealing more and more of their rights, and they are finally tired of it. Gun owners are prepared to not only be more politically active, but to take action to protect their constitutional rights that liberal are trying to take away from them.




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