Guess Why Black Prof Wants ALL White Male Profs to Resign?

If you want a definition for racism, take a look at Professor Piper Harron at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Even though she is only a temporary professor of mathematics, she took to Facebook to urge EVERY professor who identifies themselves as male since birth and who are white to quit or accept being demoted. Her reason? To make room for minority and transgender professors.

This is the ultimate definition of the very racist attitude that black activists like Harron claim to be fighting against. Have you ever noticed that according to many black activists and the liberal media, only whites, and especially white males, are considered to be racist while black Americans can say or do anything they want and it’s not racist?

If a white professor had dared post anything like that about black professors needing to resign to make room for white professors, that white professor wouldn’t be a professor any longer. It would surely have led to the professor’s immediately termination. However, this is one of the points I’m trying to make – there is a huge double standard between black racism and white racism.

Worse yet is that Harron automatically labeled everyone who may disagree with her as being what she really is. She stated:

“If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing.”

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DeRoy Murdock serves on the National Advisory Board of Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives) and he had a rather strong reaction to Harron’s racist Facebook post:

“[The true civil rights agenda] is all about racial equality and getting past our racial differences and being able to look at each other and judge each other and hire or fire each other based on our skills and talents – or lack thereof, and she’s looking at skin color. And if your skin is white and you’re a man, you need to get out of your position and go do something else with your life.”

“Getting rid of white, male professors and bringing in black female professors – I’m not certain how that’s going to lead to a deeper understanding of mathematics or statics or Algebra or calculus … or anything else. I did find that even more bizarre – and even more unusual.”

This is what I’ve described in the past as being ‘selective allowable discrimination.’ I define it as one group of people being allowed to discriminate against another group of people, but the group being discriminated against is deemed racist just by disagreeing with the first group.

Let me use Christianity and homosexuality as examples.

For the past fifty years, any semblance of Christianity is discriminated against if it involves any government person or agency. Courts have said that you can’t have schools involved in reading the Bible or praying because someone was or could be offended.

Yet in many of the same schools that actively bans all references to the Bible and Christianity are now reading and teaching the Quran, reciting the Islamic call to prayer, have students recite that Allah is God, and allow Muslim students to roll out their prayer rugs and pray to Mecca during school hours. No concern is given to the fact that many non-Muslims are offended.

Schools are not allowed to hold a Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors because it’s a Christian based service because non-Christian students might be offended. However, public high schools in Michigan have been allowed to hold girl only proms for their Muslim students caring not if any non-Muslim students are offended.

Harron is a prime example of selective allowable discrimination if she is allowed to get away with making her racist and bigoted comments without any consequences. This woman has no place at the level of academia or anywhere else she would have interaction with the general public. It’s black American activists like Harron that are fueling the fires of racial hatred and division in our nation. She is nothing but trouble and should be avoided like poison ivy or a hungry shark.


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