FBI Investigation Digging Deep Hole for Bernie Sanders’ Wife

If one looks at the history of socialism and socialists, you will find that those that really push socialism are the rich and powerful elite who then use the tyrannical political system to protect their wealth at the expense of others.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, is a self-professed socialist. From what has leaked out about the FBI investigation into Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife, she is a true socialist just like her husband. The problem is, she picked the wrong people to manipulate and con and it’s coming back to bite her in the rear end.

So, what is the FBI investigation about and what do we know so far?

Jane Sanders married Bernie Sanders in 1988 after divorcing her first husband. At the time, Bernie was mayor of Burlington, Vermont. When Bernie began his political career, he was listed as an Independent. He only switched to being a Democrat in 2015 in order to mount his campaign to run for the presidency. Once he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary, Bernie returned to being an Independent.

In 2004, Jane Sanders became President of Burlington College. A relatively small private non-profit college of about 200 undergraduates and about 30 postgraduate students. As a private non-profit college, Burlington College does not receive any funding from the state, but relies on private donations and tuition fees.

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In 2010, Jane Sanders pushed a deal to purchase 32 acres of land next to the college. The land was to be used to expand the school. However, the deal required nearly $10 million. Jane Sanders applied to a bank for a $6.7 million loan. To help get the loan, she claimed to have already raised $2 million in donations. The reality was that Jane had not even secured $1 million in donations, let alone $2 million.

Jane Sanders had also told college trustees that she had secured the $2 million in donations in her bid to convince them to approve the purchase of the land. However, trustees began to learn that some of the information that Jane had provided to them and the bank was false. When trustees failed to see the donations that Jane Sanders had promised she had acquired, they began contacting the donors, only to learn that many of them had never agreed to the donations. Sanders had told the trustees that one woman had agreed to give a $1 million donation, when in fact she only donated something between $50,000 to $100,000. Through the summer of 2011, the trustees only saw $125,000 in donations come in, falling way short of the $2 million cited by Jane Sanders.

In 2011, the trustees forced Jane Sanders to resign as president of the college, but that did not resolve the college’s problems. The deal that Jane Sanders brokered hung around the neck of the college like a millstone around the neck of someone walking the plank at sea. The financial situation created by Jane Sanders led to the eventual closing of Burlington College in 2016, but that didn’t get Jane Sanders off the hook for her lying and fraudulent actions involved with the bank loan and purchase of the land for the college.

To date, a number of the trustees told FBI investigators that they had been contacted by attorneys representing Jane Sanders in an effort to learn what they knew and what they were going to tell government investigators.

Knowing all this and then realizing that Jane Sanders is not only the wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders but she also served one of Bernie Sanders’ political advisers during his presidential campaign. The media is so busy focusing on what Donald Trump Jr. did during his dad’s campaign, that they are intentionally ignoring what Jane Sanders has done and the fact that she could face criminal charges for fraud and more.


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