Facebook Continues War on Christians

If you thought a social media page like Facebook was open to everyone, think again. They are open to everything and everyone that is anti-America, anti-conservative, anti-Donald Trump and anti-Christian. In the past, Facebook has shut down the pages of conservatives because they don’t want people to hear the truth about what’s happening in America. If anyone said anything on Facebook against Barack Obama or other Muslims, Facebook tended to shut them down. However, you can say anything you want against Donald Trump, conservatives and Christianity. It’s not being reported that Facebook is targeting Catholic-themed pages for somehow violating their policies.

The war on Christianity and the war on conservatism often overlap, and in the case of the free speech manglers at Facebook, there have been shots fired this week.

Liberal America has been fighting for years to have the rest of the nation recognize every single societal group imaginable, and have been demanding that the entire population be well versed in these groups’ ridiculous assertions.  For many Americans, this meant being forced to recognize men and women who change gender daily, and to use extremely generic and impersonal pronouns at nearly all times, fomenting confusion in situations that were previously just considered “part of life”.  The political correctness that these leftists aim to enforce is not being promoted for the greater good, rather, it is a shallow tactic being employed to segregate the left and the right.

Of course, while these liberal-sponsored groups are being shoved down America’s proverbial throat, other organizations are being chastised and squashed by the left – including nearly all religious groups…

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Facebook not only has been shutting down the pages of conservatives and Christians for speaking the truth, but they have also yanked all ads from some pages, making it difficult to impossible for some pages to finance themselves. Google has also been using ad revenue to financially hurt conservative site in an attempt to silence the truth.




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