More Employees to Lose Hours and Jobs Due to Minimum Wage Hikes

Conservatives and intelligent business people have been warning liberals that raising the minimum wage as high as they want will have huge negative repercussions and in the end, employees will suffer, but liberals refuse to listen to reason. In Seattle, the minimum wage was raised to $15 and it cost the city 5,000 jobs and many employees saw their hours cut. Now more cities and counties are planning to raise the minimum wage and a growing number of businesses are warning that it’s not going to help the people it’s supposed to.

More than a dozen cities and counties across the country rang in the summer season by raising their minimum wage – but businesses warn that the bid to boost worker pay could backfire on employees just like it has in Seattle.

In cities stretching from California to Illinois to Oregon, minimum wages increased up to $15.20 on July 1, the start of their fiscal year.

But following in Seattle’s footsteps in the ‘fight for $15’ could come with complications.

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Los Angeles and seven other California cities began climbing toward the $15-an-hour goal with the latest batch of wage hikes. Los Angeles upped its minimum from $10.50 to $12, aiming to hit $15 by 2020…

How much will it benefit workers if they find their hours cut or they lose their jobs because of the higher minimum wage? Even if they don’t lose hours or their jobs, they are going to find that prices in the stores and restaurants have gone up in accordance with the higher minimum wage. So, if they are having pay more for earning more, where is the benefit?




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