Is DNC on Verge of Financial Bankruptcy?

After losing control of the House to Republicans in 2010 and losing control of the Senate to Republicans in 2014, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sunk every dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny they had into the 2016 campaign to retain control of the White House and regain control of the House or Senate. It seems that not only did they spend everything they had, but it seems that they also spent millions that they didn’t have in expectation of winning big and regaining the support of the American people. However, Hillary Clinton lost and Democrats failed to regain the House or Senate. It turns out that they also lost a part of the fan base and evidently, they’ve also lost millions of dollars that seem to be missing. If they were a business, they would be forced to file for bankruptcy. So, what is left for the financially devastated Democratic National Committee?

It seems that the democrats sunk every egg they had into the Hillary Clinton basket in 2016, and now the party and its leadership are irrevocably doomed.

Clinton, at one point, acted as though she were the inevitable President.  Her strong connection to the democratic party and their current deity, Barack Obama, had a great many Americans believing that the former Secretary of State was a shoe-in for the Oval Office.  Unfortunately, nothing could have been further from the truth.

As it turns out, Clinton’s closet full of skeletons would be unleashed by a campaign of disclosures through Wikileaks, with the suspected source mysterious dying in a bizarre “botched robbery” that led more than a few pundits to consider the murder a “hit” orchestrated by Clinton or the DNC.  In these leaks it was revealed that, not only couldn’t Clinton beat Bernie Sanders without colluding with DNC leadership, but that she had arrogantly preferred to go head to head with Donald Trump over other republican candidates, citing that ease of which she believed that she could dismantle him…

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It’s too bad that the DNC isn’t a business and forced to closed their doors for good due to not only a lack of funds, but mismanagement of funds and a waning support base. However, they’ll find a way to survive and continue to push their agenda to destroy everything decent and moral about America and the things that made us the greatest and most powerful nation in the world at one time.




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