Court Orders Man to Pay $65,000 Child Support for Child That’s Not His

When you have sex outside of wedlock, the consequences may be more costly than you would ever expect, as is the case of 45-year-old Gabriel Cornejo. Prior to 2003, Cornejo and his then girlfriend separated and parted ways. Without his knowledge, his girlfriend gave birth to a daughter who she claims has to be Cornejo’s. In 2003, again without Cornejo’s knowledge, a Texas child support court issued an order, based on a claim filed by the ex-girlfriend, that Cornejo had to pay her child support. Last year, Cornejo first learned about the child support order when a deputy served him with papers. Cornejo then met the girl for the very first and only time. He said he was not her father and then took a DNA which proved he wasn’t the father. It also proved that his ex-girlfriend had been cheating on him with someone else. To the amazement of many, a Texas court recently ruled that Cornejo does owe a total of $65,000 in back child support, even though he has proven the child is not his and that he was totally unaware of the girl’s existence until seeing the deputy at his door.

A Texas man is battling a court order that mandates he must pay tens of thousands in child support for a child that he did not biologically father and who he met only once.

In 2003, a child support court in Texas ruled that Gabriel Cornejo, 45, had to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend who had recently given birth because she vowed that there was no way he wasn’t the rightful dad.

Cornejo, who is currently raising three children of his own and two nephews, claimed that he was not made aware of this and only found out about the child support payments last year when a deputy served him court papers claiming that the state of Texas lists him as having another child…

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I agree that the court is wrong in ordering Cornejo to pay the child support for a child that is not his and who he had no knowledge of for over 10 years, but, had he not been having sex outside of marriage, which Scripture says is a sin, he would not be in this situation. It just goes to show, if you play, be prepared to pay.




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