Coulter Claims Delta Bump was Politically Motivated

Ann Coulter is a conservative political commentator, lawyer and syndicated columnist. Earlier this year she made the headlines when the University of California, Berkeley canceled Coulter’s speaking event because too many liberals complained and threatened violence if she was allowed to speak. Last week, she made headlines again when Delta Airlines gave her seat to another person, placing her in lower class seating, after she had paid for the higher class. Coulter now claims to have insider information from a Delta flight attendant that she was targeted on purpose by a Delta employee because of her politics.

Ann Coulter doesn’t appear to be dropping her crusade against Delta anytime soon, and now she’s armed with alleged insider knowledge as to why her roomier seat was given to another passenger aboard a recent flight.

According to a text conversation Coulter posted to Twitter on Tuesday, an unnamed “flight attendant” claimed that Coulter was targeted on purpose to “make her life miserable.”

“BEWARE OF @DELTA REPUBLICANS,” Coulter captioned the Twitter photo of the text exchange. “Texts from a flight attendant: It was political. @Delta still won’t give a reason.” …

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It’s interesting that liberals feel they have the right to target and harass conservatives and even deprive them of their constitutional rights, while at the same time complaining anytime someone steps on their rights. Liberals feel free to take to violence in protests against conservatives like Coulter and President Donald Trump and then they protest against violence in general. They preach tolerance and yet they are the most intolerant group of people there are.




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