Cop Blasts Liberal Left Silence on Murdered Cop

The liberal left has been relatively silent after New York Police Officer Miosotis Familia was murdered last week. The media reported the news, but said little else. The silence and failure to condemn the murder of Familia has angered one police officer, causing him to justifiably take to Twitter to blast Hollywood and sports celebrities along with Black Lives Matter.

One police officer’s Twitter rant on the subject of violence and justice in America is going viral, and it’s probably because the video is full of hard truths for the Left.

In the video, the officer slams America’s left-wing for their silence in the wake of the assassination of NYPD officer Miosotis Familia last week.

The angry officer takes shots at #BlackLivesMatter, and the Hollywood and Sports celebrity elites, who constantly speak down to the rest of America about how things “should be.”

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The officer demands to know why the liberal, anti-cop voices suddenly went silent, and why they only seem to care when suspected criminals die? …

Officer Familia was a black female who was intentionally assassinated while just doing her job. If Black Lives Matters really cared about black lives, they should have been vocally outraged by the murder of Familia, but they haven’t said squat about what happened. Their silence is proof that they don’t really care about black lives, but only about inciting more racial hatred ad divide in America.




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