Concealed Carry Rights Expanded in Several States

As Democrats gnash their teeth, tear their clothes and cover themselves in sackcloth and ashes, Republicans are expanding the rights of concealed carry guns in a number of states. As of Saturday, July 1, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee saw new laws concerning where concealed carry weapons will be allowed, take effect. Some of the new laws allow concealed carry on college campuses, giving students, especially coeds, the right to protect themselves.

Laws allowing concealed guns on college campuses took effect Saturday in several states, including Georgia and Kansas.

In Tennessee, concealed guns may now be carried in a broader range of public buildings and bus stations. And in Iowa, permit holders are now able to carry concealed guns in the Capitol.

Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association Institute of Legislative Action, described 2017 as another “successful year for gun rights.”

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The new laws continue a pattern of the expansion of gun rights in GOP-controlled states…

If these Republican run states are not already on California Governor Jerry Brown’s list of states he has banned state employees to travel to, they soon will be. Not only are Democrats like Brown against allowing Americans to own and bear guns, but they are also against the idea of allowing Americans to defend themselves and their loved ones. They would prefer to put everyone at the mercy of law enforcement, whom many liberals also hate.




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