CNN Going Down the Toilet as Ratings Plummet

The most liberal media outlet in America is falling in the ratings like a rock dropped from a cliff. They’ve been caught in more than one fake news story lately, which has resulted in the forced resignation of some staff. As more truth about the untruthful media outlet surfaces, CNN’s future is in a death spiral, kind of like a piece of human waste swirling in a toilet that’s being flushed.

When we look back at CNN’s stumble into obscurity, there is one characteristic of the network that will be remembered as their Achilles heel:  Their inability to choose the right battles.

As Donald Trump was beginning to unravel the doomed democratic nominee Hillary Clinton back in 2016, CNN was provided with a foothold into the Trump resistance from Clinton herself, with her absurd and uncouthly interjected conspiracy theory that the eventual President was truly acting as a Russian operative.  While completely dumbfounding on the surface, CNN chose to chase the story regardless, and picked a fight with a man who would go on to reside within the White House.

This, of course, lead to Trump absolutely eviscerating the network on a near-daily basis.  CNN’s own “fake news” slur became the de facto retort to the network’s increasingly absurd assertions, and their credibility began to waver dangerously…

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CNN was one of many liberal media outlets that accused conservative sites of pushing fake news when they were just reporting the truth, something many liberal sites don’t want the public to see or hear. Call it karma or whatever you want, but as their ratings continue to plummet, one can only hope that it leads to their total implosion and collapse.




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