CNN Anchor Displays Anti-American Ignorance

If someone was raised and educated in the United States and attended schools like Columbia University, don’t you think they would recognize America’s national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner? Better yet, don’t you think such a well-educated American would be able to know the difference between our nation anthem and the French national anthem? CNN anchor Poppy Harlow didn’t know the difference.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow mistook the Star-Spangled Banner for the French national anthem, while covering President Trump’s arrival in the country Thursday.

Trump is in France to meet with President Emmanuel Macron, before celebrating Bastille Day together. Trump and Macron shook hands during the arrival, and a band played the United States’ national anthem.

But despite Harlow’s pedigreed education at Minneapolis’ exclusive Blake School and the prestigious Columbia University, she seemed to not realize it was her country’s national anthem.

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As the Star-Spangled Banner played for President Donald Trump, Harlow voiced over the music, telling listeners to listen to the French national anthem. This clearly displays her anti-American ignorance and hatred for our country, that seems to run through the veins of everyone at CNN, the nation’s most liberal media outlet.




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