Christian Crisis Heading to US?

Like it or not, most of what happens culturally, politically and religiously in the United Kingdom eventually makes it way to the United States in 20 or so years.

Over 20 years ago, Muslims in Albania and other countries in that area began to flock to the British Aisles. Like many immigrants, they clustered together in many communities. It didn’t take long before they began to take control of those communities. The Muslims gained control of most of the stores, the city governments, the schools and even the churches.

Close sources who were born, raised and still reside in the United Kingdom have told me on many occasions, that they witnessed the Islamic takeover of entire communities and cites. They saw British born Christians persecuted and targeted by the Islamic immigrants, forcing them to move away, leaving the community to the Muslims.

They witnessed crimes increase in the Muslim controlled areas. The numbers of sexual assaults and rapes skyrocketed. Murders and physical assaults also went up dramatically.

They have reported watching large numbers of Christian churches dwindle away as their pews became emptier and emptier. With a lack of parishioners, some churches merged in order to financially survived and many others closed their doors. Today, in many areas of the United Kingdom, you can find many old church buildings that have been converted into hotels, private residences, stores, pubs and Islamic mosques.

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If you travel through some of these communities today, you will be shocked to find that all the store fronts and signs are in Arabic and not English. You will find yourself feeling like the only non-Muslim in the area and you probably are.

Over 20-years ago, my sources in Great Britain predicted that Muslims would work their way into first the city and then the national government and eventually rule the nation. Are you aware that London now has a Muslim as mayor?

A recent survey has painted a bleak picture of Christianity today in the United Kingdom:

“Results from a nationwide study in the United Kingdom unleashed on Sunday revealed that a whopping 93 percent of British Christians believe that their faith is marginalized.”

“Premier Christian Communications (PCC) surveyed some 12,000 Christians in the U.K. to discover what it is like for believers to live in a post-Christian society – in an island nation where militant Islam is tolerated and Christianity is rejected…”

“Another major finding in the study was that 80 percent of British believers maintain that ‘Christianity is not given equal respect’ as other worldviews and religions.”

“In addition, 50 percent said that they have experienced prejudice because of their Christian faith, while more than one out of four (26 percent) British Christians indicated that they are not able to be open about their faith – out of fear of persecution.”

This trend of dying Christianity in the United Kingdom began over 20 years ago. Today, we are beginning to witness some of the same things here in the United States.

Some surveys taken here in the US indicate that up to 88% of children raised in an evangelical Christian home here in the United States will leave the church after graduating from high school. [Rebecca Grace, ‘Re-Christianizing America: Southern Baptist Question Public School Exodus.’ Agape Press, Aug 26, 2004.]

Travel through some of the streets of Dearborn, Michigan today and you will find the same thing, everything in Arabic. Muslims in Dearborn control many areas of the community, the stores, schools and city government. The high schools in Dearborn are allowed to have a girls’ only prom just for Muslims and no one has challenged it like they do for any Christian related function.

Under Obama’s 8-year reign-of-terror, an outright war on Christianity was waged. Obama used Obamacare to directly challenge the Christian faith of millions of Americans. He used to try to force them to compromise their faith by paying for contraceptives and abortions for everyone else.

The results today of a number of polls indicates that Christianity in the United States is not only openly persecuted but it’s rapidly declining in numbers and ideology. The vast majority of large or mega churches have compromised the Christian faith and teachings of the Bible in order to bring in large congregations. Entertainment has replaced sound biblical theology.

If you don’t believe me, try visiting a number of churches in your area and I’m sure you’ll find many have weak or compromised theology. Few actually teach sound biblical doctrine from the pulpit. Many seminaries are teaching young pastors not to preach biblical doctrine if they want to build a large and prosperous church.

Yes, what started over 20 years ago in the United Kingdom is happening today in America. The Christianity crisis that has been plaguing the United Kingdom isn’t coming to America, it’s here now. It’s up to sound biblical Christians to stand up and defend the declining Christian church.



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