British National Socialist Healthcare Wins – Baby Charlie Gard to Die

Obamacare was modeled in large part after Great Britain’s national socialist healthcare system. I say socialist because the system strips parents of their rights and turns over the care of their children to doctors. There have been cases in the US where doctors had the wrong diagnosis and when parents wanted to get a second opinion because the current treatment was harming their kids, the doctors and hospitals managed to gain custody of the children and treat them as they wished, even against parents’ wishes. The same thing has been playing out in Great Britain with baby Charlie Gard. He was born with a rare defect which British doctors say is non-treatable and fatal. When the parents wanted to take him out of the hospital and bring him to the US for experimental treat that did give the baby a fighting chance, the hospital fought them and the courts sided with the hospital. The legal battle has gone on for too long and now poor Charlie is virtually beyond the point being helped by American doctors. His parents announced yesterday that they were tired of the legal battles and were giving up and allowing the hospital to basically kill their baby.

I’m sure that many tears are being shed today around the world as the parents of baby Charlie Gard have announced that they are giving up the fight to save their son.

The lawyer for Charlie’s parents, Grant Armstrong, gave the sad news to the media this morning, “Sadly time has run out. For Charlie it is too late. The parents’ worst fears have been confirmed.”

Because the British government and London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital have fought Charlie’s parents for the last five months, his condition has progressed too far for even the most experimental treatments to offer hope…

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Folks, this is the type of healthcare that Democrats have been pushing on the United States. The truly tragic part of this is that most Americans fail to realize the socialist underpinnings of national healthcare which means the only acceptable thing Republicans can do is come up with more acceptable and costlier socialist healthcare system with which to replace Obamacare with. Barack Obama and his comrades pushed America into socialism and most Americans are too stupid to know it and now we’re stuck with it. It truly is the end of the America that we once knew.




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